The RSS Tilemaster – Professional Kit


This system will assist you to tile walls to a high standard with ease. It could also be up to 30% faster than using conventional methods i.e. battens or relying on low slump adhesives.



  • Sturdy wall plate 50 mm x 18 mm section
  • Lightweight aluminium, anodised for extra protection
  • Strong M12 threaded adjustable legs with non-slip 50mm diameter rubber feet
  • Flat top edge for easy removal when tiles are set
  • Legs easily slide along wall plate, no risk falling off and damaging bath when positioning legs
  • Leg holder designed to clear pipes running along the wall at low level, when legs are on the floor
  • Use horizontal leg slider attachments for supporting tiles above window reveals
  • Wall plate can be used as a straight edge when tiling the floor
  • 650 mm leg extensions when tiling above tops, bath tub and kitchen worktops
  • Pro Kit covers 4.35 m of wall
  • Made in the UK ECD Protected

We reserve the right to any changes to this product as we strive to improve our product.



Wall rail
1 – 2000 mm
1 – 1450 mm
1 –   600 mm
1 –   300 mm
10 – tile supports
2 – 650 mm M12 extension legs
4 – 300 mm M12 legs with wing nuts
1 – horizontal leg slider attachment with rubber foot
1 – horizontal leg slider attachment with articulating foot
4 – vertical leg slider attachment
1 – full instructions